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Estate Planning – Probate

For most non-lawyers, the process of settling a deceased loved one’s affairs and meeting all legal obligations can be overwhelming. We strive to be a dependable, cost-effective resource for minimizing the burden on you and your family in an already difficult time.

Should a dispute arise along the way, we are prepared to represent your interests.

If you have recently lost a loved one and want counsel from an attorney who understands the Oklahoma probate process and can help you get through it — start to finish — please contact us today.

We also provide estate planning services for keeping your own estate out of probate and greatly simplifying demands on family members when you pass away.

Mr. Heaton’s Law Office was very helpful in settling my Dad’s estate. Everything worked out just fine. Thank you for all your hard work.
Stephen M.

Complete, Hands-On Legal Representation Throughout the Probate Process

Probate is a process intended to protect everyone’s legal rights after a person’s death.

Unfortunately, collecting assets, collecting and paying debts, handling tax issues, and distributing assets to the right people can require numerous hearings, filings, and other steps over a period of several months or even much longer. There are many potential pitfalls. We know what to do — and what not to do.

Our extensive knowledge of property law, including mineral rights and title opinions, can be a key asset if land interests and investments are part of your deceased loved one’s estate. Many Oklahomans have these interests; they take many forms, and we are devoted to protecting the ownership rights of individuals and families.

A Focus on Sound Decisions and Practical, Cost-Effective Services

Across all our legal practice areas, we are committed to listening attentively and serving clients with the utmost care. We understand that your grief and the legal complexities of settling an estate can make decision making difficult. At the Heaton Law Firm, you will find patience, solid answers and the comfort of knowing this important process is being handled conscientiously, with your best interests in mind.

If you are the personal representative for an Oklahoma estate, or if you suspect wrongdoing and may need to pursue a will contest or trust contest, please call or e-mail us and request a free, informative consultation.

We founded a small, focused law firm and we are committed to treating you like family. We take pride in offering practical, cost-effective estate planning and probate solutions that have real benefits. If you need help understanding your options and want caring guidance, contact us at the Heaton Law Firm.

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