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Step-Parent Adoption

Oklahoma City Area Law Firm Represents Clients in Step-Parent Adoptions

Step-Parent Adoption

As an experienced adoption lawyer in Oklahoma City, Attorney Heaton sees the joy his clients have once they legally become a recognized parent of the children they love so much. That is why Heaton Law Firm takes pride in representing step parents who want to adopt their spouse’s children.

Attorney Heaton minimizes the stress that often comes with the process of adopting, so your family can become a single unit with peace of mind and ease. If you or a partner are thinking about step parent adoption, confused, or facing difficult legal setbacks in this area of law, Heaton Law Firm can help. We have comprehensive knowledge of Oklahoma laws governing step-parent adoption issues. Let our Oklahoma City adoption law firm help you begin the process of a step-parent adoption.

Step-Parent Adoption in Oklahoma

As a step-parent, you may be permitted to adopt your spouse’s or partner’s child or children, so long as you meet certain criteria. Documents, such as criminal background checks, state application for step parent adoption, and other legal requirements must be properly filled out. Furthermore, it is imperative that you fully understand your rights as a step parent. Attorney Heaton reviews these requirements and rights, answers all questions, and efficiently guides his clients through the adoption process in Oklahoma City.

Be sure that you have a compassionate and forward-thinking adoption attorney on your side. Attorney Heaton can advocate for your step-parent adoption rights and effectively represent you during the adoption process. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Oklahoma laws surrounding step-parent adoption, contact our family law firm in Edmund, serving the Oklahoma City area.

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Attorney Heaton offers a knowledgeable and understanding approach based on your unique adoption needs. We offer a free initial consultation, in which we will evaluate your circumstance and offer legal advice on how to proceed with your case. Our family law firm in Edmond, serving the Oklahoma City area is ready to receive your call. Contact our office today by filling out an email form or by calling us at (405)330-8184. We look forward to hearing from you.


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