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Resolving Ownership Disputes

As a former petroleum landman and now a dedicated lawyer, I, Cecil Heaton, have dealt with a wide range of real estate and property law matters. I know Oklahoma land and the most efficient ways to deal with the government systems and officials involved.

If you have run into any problem with the title to your land, including someone else claiming they own all or part of it, please contact me for a free consultation.

Cecil, The day my cousin and I came to your office, you were so genuine. I just want you to know how much it meant to me. Thank you.
Amanda K.

Most people never hear the term quiet title until it becomes critical for pursuing or protecting their own interests in a piece of land. A quiet title action is the type of lawsuit necessary to establish who is the rightful owner of real property — and to prevent someone else from trying to claim ownership rights or exercise a lien in the future.

Resolving Errors in Government Records — Establishing Ownership Rights — Clearing the Way for You to Sell, Divide or Grant Mineral Rights

Questions on land ownership can occur under a range of circumstances including:

  • Your real estate may have been sold or passed on many times, with each transaction increasing the potential for a record-keeping error.
  • More than one person may believe they have lawful claims to the same property — one by purchase and another by inheritance, for example.
  • When property ownership is shared, a quite title action may be necessary to resolve who owns how much.
  • Title problems may be uncovered while preparing to sell property, divide it or grant oil-and-gas drilling rights.

From finding all records and researching your case, through filing the necessary petition and seeking a favorable court judgment, the Heaton Law Firm can be a tremendous resource for you. I am committed to:

  • Explaining issues and your legal options in language you can understand
  • Providing counsel and representation in your best interests
  • Moving forward efficiently on your behalf, and keeping you informed every step of the way

With many years of experience dealing with title opinions, mineral rights, leases, and other property law issues across Oklahoma, I focus on finding the best course of action for getting answers and achieving your goals.

When you choose to contact me, I will put my resources to work, tell you what is at stake and the likely costs.

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